Monte Faie: Discover with Mountainscaper

Come with me to the door of  the wild Val Grande National Park.

Come to explore with me one of the wildest spot of Northern Italy: Val Grande national park is a wilderness reservev of pre-alpine region, the area located between the main Alps and the Italian lake region. Monte Faiè is an easy summit and gorgeous viewpoint of the lakes and 4000m mountain ranges.

On 15th March 2020 I’ll organize an easy hike climbing up this mountain. We’ll do it in my way, by fair means, from the bottom where beautiful Mergozzo Lake is locate, hiking up to the summit. A pristine experience between water and wind.

The Hike
The hike will be a ring. We’ll start from Mergozzo train station, climbing up to Colma di Vercio, then traversing to the summit of Mt Faie, climbing down from Alpe Ompio and again to Bracchio. It’s an safe but demandig hike with good elevation gain, with a panoramic ridge trail.
Total ascension: 1100m
Hike time: about 6 hours (+ pauses)

The Lunch
This time we don’t have a planned lunch in any hut. We must bring our food and water. Be sure to bring a bag to take outside all the garbage!
On our way down we could find open the Fantoli Hut, but this is not confirmed due to the season. In case it’s open we’ll stop here for a good homemade afternoon cake.

The Schedule – 12th January 2020
8:00 meeting at Mergozzo Train Station (train from Milano available).
8:30 start of the hike
11:00 (about) Alpe Vercio, 20 mins pause
13:00 (about) Monte Faiè summit, lunch
14:00 start descending from Monte Faiè
15:00 Alpe Ompio (Fantoli Hut), 30 mins pause in case the hut is open
18:00 say goodbye at Mergozzo Train Station

Costs, gears and reservation
Hike together: free! We are group of friend and not mountain guides, we do this for the pleasure to stay together.

Good hiking shoes, keeping an eye to the temperatures forecasted for clothes.
Hiking poles suggested.
No alpine gears required (snowshoes, ropes…).
Food and water for a day long hike.

Send me an email or Whatsapp to hike together before 10th March:
+39 3427054372
I’ll then create a Whatsapp group

Safety and responsibility
Even if Monte Faiè is an easy hike, we never forget we are in wild mountains.
Some parts of the hike are exposed and requires attention.
In case of very bad weather, our hike will be postponed.
Remember: even if I have experience, I’m not a mountain guide, in fact it’s everything free. We are group of friends hiking together. You take part to the hike under your own responsibility!