Patagonia – the land of wind

When I came back from my first travel to Yukon, my soul started demanding more and more wilderness. My climbing friends from Ragni di Lecco spoke me so much about Patagonia, where they lived big adventures attempting the climb of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy.

Doing such big adventures is not for everybody, but everybody with positive spirit and motivation can lives his own adventure in wild land.
This is my idea when I left Italy on Christmas day of 2015, having El Calafate as destination.

From El Calafate I did a ring tour to Torres del Paine, Punta Arenas, Atlantic Coast, cutting then the continent to the west, to El Chalten, and back to El Calafate, where stays the glacier of Perito Moreno.

Maybe Patagonia (or the part that I visited) is not the wildest land on earth, as the mass tourism discovered it long time ago, but for sure it’s the most picturesque and impressive: main part of it is a big flat and arid plateau swept by the wind, but looking to the West, you can see those sharped peaks, with icecaps created by the blizzards.

Here the weather is the master: if the wind blow, the sky clears in one of the most blue tonality I’ve ever seen, but when it stops, clouds cover all around. It’s a ritual of acceptance, and not only local people, but even the fauna and trees accept cheerfully this harsh life.