Inside my Yukon (2018)

Have you ever wonder what wasteland is? What is beauty? What is peace? What is pleasure?
Some people find themself in the vastness of nothing, and Yukon was the perfect place to explore this derelict side of myself during four years of exploration in this cold land.

My creative process is based on the use of this empty vastness as a sounding board of an inner state. Every shot is the visualization of an idea or of a feeling, grown through several steps of my creative process.

My approach tends to minimalism, looking to shapes, vastness and cleanliness. Pure visions, made of dark contrasts and surreal colors: when we watch the world with naked eyes, we catch our own and imperfect slice of reality. Cold vision becomes a medium, with an iced tranquillity, where a direct and clean connection with the deepest of our soul is possible and easy.

Because where some people see nothing, I find myself.